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by Simon Moret 20 Apr 2024


What’s the difference between Gel Blaster and Paintball?

Gel blasters and paintball are both recreational shooting sports, but they have some key differences:

Ammunition and Impact

Paintball guns use spherical capsules filled with water-soluble dye, which burst upon impact, leaving a visible mark due to the dye-filled capsules. This makes it easier to determine hits during gameplay.

On the other hand, the soft, non-toxic, and superabsorbent polymer (SAP) gel balls used in Gel Blasters disintegrate on contact without leaving permanent marks or stains on clothing or protective gear. These beads require soaking in water before use and burst upon impact, leaving behind no mess except a small splat of water. As a result, property damage is less likely to occur when playing with Gel Blasters.


Gel Blasters are generally considered safer than paintball guns because they use biodegradable gel beads that disintegrate into non-toxic fragments on contact with water. This reduces the risk of injury when a person is hit. Even if both gel blasters and paintball guns are designed with safety in mind, the gel balls are softer and less likely to cause injury upon impact. Paintball can sting upon impact due to the harder projectiles and higher velocity.


Paintball games are often played in designated paintball fields, which may have specific rules and layouts. Paintball fields are specifically designed with obstacles, bunkers, and structures to provide cover and create strategic gameplay scenarios.

Gel blaster games can be played in a variety of environments, including indoor arenas, outdoor fields and backyard setups.

Playing Experience

Gel Blaster is often seen as a more casual and family-friendly option due to the lower impact and mess factor. They can be used for backyard skirmishes, target practice, or organized gel blaster games.

Paintball offers a more intense and adrenaline-fueled experience due to the higher impact and potential for welts. Paintball fields often have more elaborate obstacles and scenarios for organized games.


While both gel blaster and paintball require protective gear such as masks or goggles for eye safety, the specific gear and accessories used for each sport may differ. 

Paintball players typically wear paintball-specific clothing, protective vests, and markers designed for paintball use while Gel blaster gear may include tactical vests, camouflage clothing, holsters and gel blaster-specific accessories.


In general, Gel Blasters are less expensive to buy than high-end complete paintball equipment, making them more accessible to occasional players or novices.


Gel Blasters require less frequent and less intensive maintenance than paintball guns. Cleaning and maintenance are relatively simple, making them more convenient to use.

In summary, gel blasting offers the thrill of realistic shooting action without the mess or pain of traditional paintball.

What’s the difference between Gel Blaster and Airsoft?

Gel blaster and airsoft are both recreational shooting sports that use replica firearms, but they differ in several key aspects

Ammunition, Impact and Safety

Airsoft guns fire small plastic pellets, commonly referred to as BBs. Airsoft BBs are solid plastic projectiles that can cause welts or bruises upon impact, especially when shot at close range or at high velocities

Gel balls used in gel blasters are softer and less likely to cause injury, making gel blasters generally safer for recreational play. Upon impact, these gel balls burst, leaving behind a small splat of water.

Projectile Velocity

Airsoft guns typically shoot at higher velocities compared to gel blasters. The velocity of airsoft BBs can vary depending on the type of gun and local regulations, but they often range between 300 and 500 feet per second (fps).

Gel blasters generally shoot at lower velocities, usually around 200 to 300 fps,  making them much safer for kids to use.

Gear and Accessories

While there is some overlap in protective gear and accessories used for both gel blasters and airsoft, such as eye protection and tactical vests, there are also specific gear and accessories designed for each sport. 

Airsoft players may use military-style gear and accessories, while gel blaster players may opt for tactical vests, camouflage clothing, and gel blaster-specific accessories.

Gameplay and Scenarios

While both gel blasters and airsoft offer various gameplay scenarios, such as team-based matches and objective-based games, the specific dynamics and rules of each sport may differ. 

Airsoft games often emphasize realism and military simulation, with players using military tactics, equipment, and uniforms,  while gel blaster games may vary in intensity and objectives, catering to different player preferences, but tend to be more casual and less focused on military simulation.

Airsoft games are commonly played in outdoor fields or indoor arenas designed with obstacles, bunkers, and structures to provide cover and create strategic gameplay scenarios. Gel blaster games can be played in a variety of environments, including indoor arenas, outdoor fields, and backyard setups.


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