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by Simon Moret 10 Sep 2023

How to use a gel blaster correctly and how to use the gel balls?

Using a Gel Blaster weapon can be a fun experience, but it's important to know certain key steps for safe and effective use. Here's a general guide to help you use your Gel Blaster weapon and prepare the gel balls for optimum use:

1. Preparing the gel balls:

a. First of all, make sure you use gel balls specifically designed for Gel Blaster guns. Never use other types of gel balls, such as those used in air guns, as this could damage your weapon.

b. Before using them, you must inflate the balls by placing them in clean water. Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, this may take between 3 and 4 hours. Be sure to read the instructions to find out how long they need to be soaked.

2. Load the gun:

a. Before loading the weapon with the prepared gel balls, make sure you understand the specific loading mechanism for your model of Gel Blaster weapon. Loading steps may vary from model to model.

b. In most cases, you will need to remove the magazine from the gun, open the compartment and insert the inflated gel balls. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to avoid any problems during loading.

3. Preparing to shoot:

a. Ensure that your Gel Blaster is correctly and securely assembled before use. Also check that the magazine is correctly inserted.

b. Gel Blaster weapons are battery-powered. Make sure the battery is fully charged before starting a game.

4. Firing the Gel Blaster weapon:

a. Before you start shooting, always wear the appropriate protective equipment, such as goggles, to prevent injury.

b. Pull the trigger according to the manufacturer's instructions to fire a Gel Blaster gel balls. Each Gel Blaster weapon may have different firing characteristics, such as semi-automatic or burst mode.

Why is it safe for us and the environment?

Gel Blasters are considered relatively safe for humans and the environment for several reasons:

1. Biodegradable gel balls: The gel balls used in Gel Blaster are made from biodegradable materials, such as corn starch or similar. This means they degrade naturally in the environment, reducing their impact on the ecosystem and making them easier to clean.

 2. No risk of real bullets: Gel Blasters use gel balls that are flexible and disintegrate. They cannot cause serious damage to human skin or tissue. This considerably reduces the risk of injury from using a Gel Blaster weapon.

 3. Legal restrictions and regulations : In many countries, Gel Blasters are subject to strict regulations and restrictions. These include limitations on firing power, minimum age for use, and prohibitions or restrictions on their use in certain public places. These regulations help to ensure their safe and responsible use.

It's important to note that although Gel Blasters are considered relatively safe, it's still essential to use them responsibly and in accordance with local conditions. Following the appropriate safety rules, using protective equipment and complying with current regulations are essential measures to prevent accidents or injury.



Gel Blaster weapons offer a number of advantages over airsoft and paintball:

1. Safety: Gel Blasters are considered safer because they use biodegradable gel beads that disintegrate into non-toxic fragments on contact with water. This reduces the risk of injury when a person is hit.

2. Cost: In general, Gel Blasters are less expensive to buy than high-end airsoft replicas or complete paintball equipment, making them more accessible to occasional players or novices.

3. Maintenance: Gel Blasters require less frequent and less intensive maintenance than airsoft and paintball guns. Cleaning and maintenance are relatively simple, making them more convenient to use.

4. Impact: The gel beads used in Gel Blasters disintegrate on contact without leaving permanent marks or stains. As a result, property damage is less likely to occur when playing with Gel Blasters.








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